Contract Methods

ACC offers our clients a variety of options in the delivery of construction services.

General Construction

This traditional construction form of delivery involves submission of a bid to provide complete construction services.

Construction Management

This team approach involves the Owner, Designer and ACC to help develop a building solution that will fulfill the Owner’s needs.  This process involves constructability reviews, estimating, value engineering, and scheduling to keep the project on target cost-wise as well as completion.


Utilizing a Design-Build approach, ACC works with the Owner to develop the building program.  From there ACC hires the Designer and manages all aspects of the project from pre-construction through actual construction through completion of the Project.

Regardless of which form of delivery is utilized, ACC has the skills and abilities to complete your project on time and within budget involving only quality subcontractors with a proven project history with ACC


Detailed Estimating

ACC’s Team Members have the experience and ability to provide budget estimates for all stages of project development, from preliminary set of design drawings to completed construction documents.

We also can develop a Project Budget for facility renovation repairs or restoration projects based upon on-site visits and review of existing conditions.

ACC has developed estimating templates based on actual material takeoffs and the most recent historic cost estimating data.  For every estimate we provide, our experienced professionals will perform a detailed quantity take-off and check it against our historical cost data.

All estimating is performed with specialized and state-of-the-art computer systems and estimating software.

Based upon our estimating capability, ACC is able to offer clients several options for construction, either as a Lump Sum or a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Proposal, for consideration.

Value Engineering

Many clients, as well as architectural firms, have asked ACC for assistance in reviewing their construction documents to develop value engineering options to help insure that a project remains on budget during the design and construction document phase of a project.

During the preconstruction phase of a project we can provide input to the project team on alternative methods, materials and systems.  These value engineering options then can be incorporated into the construction documents, either as part of the final design, or as an Alternate for acceptance as part of the bidding process.


Planning, as well as the ability to develop Project Schedules, is the key to any successful construction project.    ACC Team Members have the expertise in developing schedules which help keep a Project on target.  The development of a Master Design and Construction Schedule integrates the following critical to a typical project:

  • Design responsibilities – all disciplines
  • Permitting
  • Owner approval requirements
  • Long-lead material/equipment procurement
  • Construction mobilization and start-up
  • Construction milestones
  • Building FFE (furniture, fixtures and equipment) fit-out
  • Substantial completion
  • Owner occupancy

All members of ACC’s Project Team have received formal training in several computer-based scheduling programs including programs such as MICROSOFT PROJECT, PRIMIVERA PROJECT PLANNER (P3), and SURETRAK.

State of the Art Construction Management Systems

ACC useselectronic project document management systems which allows the GC/CM staff, project managers, field supervision, etc. to cooperate, collaborate and contribute to the project’s success.  This information can be accessed from any PC with an Internet connection using the supplied username and password.  Documents such as Meeting Minutes, Requests for Information (RFI), Daily Reports, Proposed Change Orders, Approved Change Orders and others become a dynamic exchange of information via email or via a secure connection to the database via the Web.  On past projects, ACC’s Team Members have utilized this process to speed up the turn around time on the RFI cycle and the Change Order Management Process.     Depending on the type of Project being constructed, or the services we are providing, some or all the following Reporting Systems can be incorporated into the Project.